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@MPISTL April 2018 – Rising Star – Kate Skredenske

Rising Star – Kate Skredenske

This month we recognize Kate Skredenske as our Rising Star. Kate is the Sales Manager at the Hampton Inn Downtown St. Louis at The Gateway Arch. She started in the hospitality industry in 2014 and joined MPI St. Louis last September. We are delighted with her level of involvement!

Kate has joined two committees and has been a huge help on both. She is currently serving as Venue Chair on the Education Committee; taking the initiative to reach out to reserve venues well in advance of our luncheon programs.

In addition, Kate assisted with the chapter’s Annual Trivia Night in February. Not only did she procure silent auction items, she worked directly with Orlando Gardens on the event logistics.

Kate is fun to be around, always willing to lend a hand and is quite ambitious. When takes on a task, she takes it a step further. Kate said, “I have had a blast getting to know everyone.”

We are lucky to have her as a Rising Star within MPI St. Louis Area Chapter. Congratulations, Kate!

@MPISTL February 2018 – Rising Star – Julie Davinroy

Rising Star – Julie Davinroy

This month, we recognize Julie Davinroy as our Rising Star. Julie joined MPI in November 2014 and has been active with the EduCon Committee for the past two years. Having served in different capacities on the committee, Julie has always been an enthusiastic member willing and able to take on any tasks asked of her.

This past year, Julie was asked to lead as a co-chair of the speaker sub-committee for EduCon, which she agreed to do without hesitation. Having never handled this area before and with a short timeline, she took on the job and excelled in the position. Julie was instrumental in getting EduCon 2017 an excellent lineup of speakers with little to no cost. A tremendous feat!

Julie – we thank you for your dedication, not only to EduCon, but to the MPI St. Louis Area Chapter.

@MPISTL – January 2018 – Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight – Chance Ziegler

MPI St. Louis Area Chapter would like to introduce a new student member for our Student Spotlight. Chance Ziegler is a senior at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He is not only a full-time student, but also a full-time entrepreneur. Chance started his first two businesses while in high school and realized then that he was an entrepreneur at heart. He is president of Forethought Events (an event planning service), Forethought Travel (travel agency), Clairvoyant Media (videography and photography media publishing company), and Late Night Books (self-publishing company).

When asked how he manages four businesses while being a full-time student, Chance replied, “The juggling is very complex, but it’s been like that since high school and I know I just have to really keep track of my time and stay on top of my responsibilities. I have about five calendars, several task lists, and multiple management programs. I also have to constantly coordinate with all the other people involved.”

Chance’s goal is to grow his current business. He wants to build companies where people really want to work, bring some values back to the corporate world and focus on people again. Chance has advice for other up and coming entrepreneurs, “You need to know your community, know what you want to do and what change you want to spark. Do something you’re passionate about – don’t just go into something because that’s the fad. Try to really make a difference. That’s the reason I like hospitality so much, because I like people and I like seeing the changes I can make in individuals’ lives.”

We are excited to welcome Chance Ziegler to MPI St. Louis Area Chapter!

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