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@MPISTL – September 2017 – Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight – Jessica Utterback

This month we recognize Jessica Utterback, Sales Director for Westport Social. Jessica currently serves as the Director of Venue Procurement for MPI St. Louis Area Chapter. She finds the biggest benefit of her MPI Membership is meeting new people and learning about great opportunities in St. Louis. She has acquired new friends and learned many lessons during her short time with MPI. Jessica’s advice to professionals in the meeting planning industry could not be said any better; “I would always advise people to support one another. We are all part of the same industry and have the same end goal in mind.” Jessica’s love for what she does comes from seeing events come to life and the pride on the planner’s face when their coworkers and bosses compliment them on a great party! In her free time, Jessica enjoys spending time in the gym lifting weights, drinking coffee and hanging out with her boyfriend, Matt and two cats, Lucy and Toby.

Westport Social is opening soon! Westport Social is a refined bar and gaming lounge in Westport Plaza featuring indoor bocce, pop-a-shot, floor and table shuffleboard, ping pong, darts, snookball, private karaoke rooms, live music, and more. A stocked bar along with a full kitchen serving small, shareable plates makes Westport Social a perfect setting for a night out.


@MPISTL-Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren Dittmeier

Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren Dittmeier

Director of Catering, St. Louis Club | | 314-561-4725

Why did you want to become a volunteer for MPISTL? I wanted to get more involved to make the most of my membership and for the networking opportunities. 

What were you hoping to get out of volunteering with MPISTL?  What have you gotten out of your volunteer role thus far? I really didn’t have an expectations going in other than learning something new and getting to know the industry as whole better.  I’ve met some really wonderful people and that’s been the best part so far.  I’ve been on the Monthly Programs Committee for a few years and really like getting to know the different venues St. Louis has to offer.  There are so  many great places I never knew about before MPI. 

What is your best MPISTL volunteer experience? Educon – it was challenging but really rewarding to see it all come together.

What advice can you give a member that might be apprehensive to commit to a volunteer role within our organization? It never hurts to try; it’s a great way to make valuable connections, learn something new and test yourself.  There are so many different ways to contribute, big and small, so easy to find something you are comfortable with.

What keeps you motivated to volunteer?  The great people I volunteer with!

How long have you been in the events industry? 8 Years

What do you like best about the events industry?  Fast-paced, exciting, energetic, challenging … you are never bored – there’s no other industry like it. 

@MPISTL – August 2016 – New Member Spotlight: Kelley Field

New Member Spotlight: Kelley Field

Please join us in welcoming Kelley Field to the MPI St. Louis Area Chapter!  Kelley is Associate Director at Q&A Business Solutions where she has been working since 2002.  In fact, Kelley is also serving as our chapter administrator, and has worked with the chapter on and off since MPI St. Louis have been the management company.  She even reflects on the days when she did the layout to a printed version of this very newsletter!  She also remembers when the original set-up was created when MPI St. Louis converted to the email newsletter format.

Kelley’s foray into her current profession can be described as a “happy accident.”  Her degree is in elementary education, but she was unable to find a teaching job the year after graduation.  A family friend is a client of Q&A Business Solutions, knew that they were was looking for some help, and connected Kelley to the opportunity.  Another success story on the benefits of networking and connection!  Kelley loves the variety of her role which includes working on fundraisers, conferences and award banquets.

Kelley is a native of the St. Louis area.  Being in her hometown allows her the luxury of spoiling her niece, Piper, and nephew, Wallace.  They surely reap the benefits of her love of cooking and baking!  When asked to about any special piece of advice in her career, she shares that “Someone once told me to keep in mind that every event is different.  What worked for one client event won’t necessarily be successful again the next year, or for another client.  Sadly, I don’t pay as close attention to this advice as I should – I’m still surprised when something isn’t as successful as it was before.”

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