Our vision as a member-centric organization is focused on building those personal and business connections, connecting you to knowledge and ideas, and learning new marketplaces with other MPI members.

Once you have done business with another MPI member celebrate your connection by completing our Buy MPI Form and you will be entered to win quarterly prizes. So if you buy from a member or a member purchases from you, then both of you should fill in the Buy MPI Form. Once again, the one who fills in the form is entered to win.

Our goal is to track the buying power of our chapter and because your privacy is important, we will never reveal the transaction details. AND you can win more than once a year so enter every time you work together with your fellow members.

Number of Connections to date: 13

Value of Connections to date: $250,000

We’d love to hear about your MPI Connections. Thanks for sharing and remember to Buy MPI!